Monday, December 10, 2012

No dilemma here: #Christmas on the UWS

Just before Chanukah began, I had a hugely unpleasant encounter at a neighborhood coffee shop, reminding me that--indeed--anti-Semitism is alive and well, even on the Upper West Side.

So, imagine my delight in seeing a Facebook friend post this:

From the NYT Metropolitan Diary (which is great sermon fodder in general!):

Dear Diary:

Around this time of year, many Jewish parents of young children find themselves saying something like: “We do not celebrate Christmas! We are Jewish. We celebrate Hanukkah. And, no, you cannot have a Christmas tree.”

So it tickled my New York soul to hear the following as I entered the subway station at West 86th Street and Broadway: “We do not celebrate Hanukkah. We are Christian. We celebrate Christmas. And, no, you cannot have a dreidel.”

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